Monday, January 24, 2011

Line Drying Laundry

I love hanging my clothes on the line!!! I am really good about doing it in the spring/summer, but when winter would come along I would use the dryer.  In the past I have went without both a washer and a dryer just to see if I could do it! :)  I lasted 3 months and I was ever so thankful for a washing machine again. I found one on craigslist for $25, and so far it has lasted a couple of years. I think I will go back one day to hand washing, but I would much prefer to have one of these!!!  Instructions to make these can be found @

I decided to get a dryer too, it was $25, but a couple of months ago a piece came off inside of it and clothes will get stuck in it, it buts black stains on them or even holes.  And while I like the convenience of a dryer, I do not have the funds to purchase another one yet.  Not sure if I want too, I sure love the money I save not using a dryer!!!

So this is what I did:
1.  I found a drying rack at a thrift store for $2.00.  It is not fancy, and maybe a little flimsy but it works!!!!

2. Before I got the nice tall drying rack on wheels, I would hang all adult clothing on hangers and hang them up in the bathroom shower rod to dry.
3. Then a dear friend gave me the handy drying rack. I rearranged my area by the laundry room and placed these two drying racks near the washer and near the window where the sun shines through.
4. I went through all of our laundry and gave away about half of it.  When you are not using a dryer at all to dry your clothing it takes a good 12-24 hours to dry a load indoors.  By minimizing our amount of clothing I can stay on top of our laundry much easier.
5. I also keep the children's dressers near by, as you can see in the picture, so when the clothes are dry, I simply fold them and place them in their drawers. It makes for a pretty fast process.

The basket full of clothes are clean ones I need to put away.  I really do enjoy hanging my clothing to dry versus using a dryer.  It is very peaceful to me. What is your laundry set-up? I'd love to know!!! :)

My Grandma has one of these hanging drying racks, she loves it to hang underwear and socks from, she keeps  it right by the washing machine. When I did not have a washer or dryer I used one of these and it really helped, I think I'll have to get one again!!!


  1. Great post. I dry as much as I can. We recently moved to an apartment to do apartment we were downsizing and since our apartment is across the sidewalk from the laundry room I got rid of the washer/dryer so now I can use the laundry room space for dishes which I couldn't get rid of! I dry my clothes on the shower rod. I decided it was costing too much to pay and the dryers were too hot! Thanks for sharing your ideas! It was nice to meet you. I wrote a Titus 2sday post too.
    Have a Blessed Thursday,

  2. I do not have a dryer. I use this clothes drying rack. I really like it because it is flexible in the way I hang my families things. For your friends who are thinking about doing with out a dryer here are two tips to speed up drying time. Run the clothes through the spin cycle twice on your washer. The more water that is gotten out while spinning the less that has to evaporate. And do your laundry in the evening so that you can set your rack up over night in the center of your room where you have the most air movement. Then your things will be dry in the morning and ready to put away.


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