Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's here!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!!

That's right! My Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog arrived in the mail yesterday, and I am in love again. :) Just kidding hubby!  It's more like a magazine chock full of so much interesting detail, information, quotes, recipes and more!!!

You can request your copy or shop their online store here.

Speaking of magazine, they do offer one.  It is $12.00 a year.  You can find it here

Two of my friends introduced me to Baker Creek last year.  And I was amazed at what this company has accomplished!!!! It's truly fascinating.  The other amazing part.......... they are in Mansfield, MO....a stones throw from us.  Every spring, summer, and fall they hold a Bakersville Piloneer Village Heritage Day Festival.........I truly cannot wait to go!!!

They even have a restaurant where you can enjoy a hearty meal during the festival, it is an Asian-themed vegetarian restaurant with a very historic atmosphere.  What I found unique is the restaurant is run by donations only, so all guests can afford to dine.  

You will love the catalog and all the amazing heirloom varieties, it is more like a work of ART!!!

My neighbor friend started several of their seeds indoors a couple of springs ago, and shared with me, and we loved them!!!  Now I just have to decide which varieties I want, so many unique ones to choose from.....this is going to be FUN!!! :)

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