Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Berkey Sport Giveaway

I am so excited to be giving away a Berkey Sport Water Bottle with filter- $28.95 value. 

First because I know how awesome the Berkey filter is, we lived at a rental once with really hard water and the Berkey did an awesome job filtering it, I then gave it away to someone who needed it very badly - they had very unsafe drinking water and I knew the Berkey would do the trick.

Berkey so kindly gave me one of their water bottles and I love it. Here's why.

I have just recently started making homemade soaps, you can find them here. Anyways it's important to use purified water, well now with the Berkey sport I can filter the water I will be using for my soap making right when I need it and that saves me  a lot of money.

Some other great things about the Berkey Sport:

*Great for road trips
*Made of non-leaching LDPE #4 BPA FREE Plastic

So how can you enter?
Fill out the Promo Simple Below, and don't forget to tell your friends!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deep-Fried Dandelions

The girls were picking Dandelions for the rabbits today and I mentioned that they are really good fried.

So that's what we had for lunch today. :)

How to make 'em.

1. Send your kiddos outside and tell them to pick away, you only want the flower, none of the green, that can be bitter. The green directly under the petals are okay though.
2. Soak them in some cold water and several dashes of salt, to scare away the wittle bugs. We probably soaked them for 20-30 min.
3. Strain and pat them dry.
4. Mix together 2 eggs and 1 tablespoon of water.
5. On a plate add 1 cup of flour (we used wheat pastry flour), and your choice of salt, pepper and any other seasonings you love.
6. Dip in egg mixture, then flour mixture and deep fry, doesn't take real long.

The girls dipped them in ketchup, ranch would be good too!!