Sunday, March 2, 2014

Heavy Duty TOP GUN Clothespin Bag Giveaway (Great for camping too)

For the love of laundry, really I do love doing laundry. I know that may seem strange but it is so peaceful to me, possibly it stems back to my childhood..... it was one of the chores I did to help out. When nice weather hit Dad forbid us to use the dryer. I had a particular system of hanging up all wash cloths on one line, all towels on the other....I was very OCD about it. 

And I still LOVE doing laundry. When we started pursuing a more off-grid lifestyle (which is still a big work in progress) I realized that hanging my laundry on the line was one thing I COULD do right now to be more self-sufficient and to save our family money. We have been without a dryer for about four years now. And I don't miss it.

We are a family of 6 and yes it is very doable to live without a dryer. In the winter we hang our clothes on drying racks inside and on sunny winter days we bundle up and hang the clothes's good for them. :)

Even if you are just a seasonal "clothes line user" it's important to have the proper equipment. You can read my post here about my favorite clothespins and clothespin bag.

And that's what this post is all about, Julie & Kevin at KJZacks are going to give one of my readers an Awesome, durable, heavy duty Clothespin Bag. These babies are tough! I'm serious, they impress grown men! I bought my Mom one of these and my Dad saw it and just stood there in awe of how well it was made and was doubly impressed by the fact that it was made right here in fact he said, "We still make good quality stuff like this in the USA?" Yes we do, or actually Julie & Kevin do. 

If you want to win one of these check out the Promo Simple below to easily enter, then be sure to share this with all your line dryin' friends. This would be great to take on camping trips too!  :)


*3 year warranty
*made with TOP GUN polyester fabric, one of the strongest and most durable canvas made in the US today.
*Super high strength and abrasion resistant
*Mildew and ultra-violet resistant
*Water repellent
*Made with 2 hooks that cannot be bounced or blown off your line

If you have been searching for the perfect clothespin bag for your laundry chores or camping trips you can visit their website and purchase your own today, click here


  1. I really like the teal bag. This would be perfect for my mom, she lives in a really windy spot.

  2. i really like the tall clothespin bag in green :D

  3. I like the Carribean Blue Clothespin Bag Tall !! Very pretty.

  4. If I win I would love to win the Large Blue Clothespin Bag with Cover! I use clothespins for so many things and my bag broke. having one on the clothesline, one upstairs in the laundry room, one in the basement shop, and one in the kitchen is ideal because there are so many things I use clothespins for like closing bags of food, hanging anything up including art work to dry, dishcloths so they don't get spoilt between usages etc...

  5. I love the Teal bag. That picture with your family standing by the gate reminds me of my home back in Ms. So does the one of your hubby carrying the chicks. Home sick! We had chicks too.


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