Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 week Chicks

Hard to believe the wittle babies are already about 3 weeks old.
They seem to be doing very well and since we hit upper 60's today they are getting some fresh air, we have a chicken tractor that they can play in.

I assume they feel like they are in prison when I have to put them back in the brooder for the night. 

The look on this chicken was priceless!

This thought crossed me this morning in the shower. That is where my amazing ideas come to me.....usually in the bathroom. :)

But it's true, kids need a sense of ownership with an animal:  to care, to love, to be responsible for. It builds so much character.

They each have their favorites.

Do you have chickens? How old are they? What varieties do you have?

From The Farm Blog Hop


  1. We have four chickens and they are about a year old. My kids have played with them since they were babies so they are very tame and come right up to them and let them carry them all over.

    1. That is wonderful!!! That is what I am hoping with ours. :)