Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Chicks & Turkey Hollow Coffee Giveaway

While we have had chickens for a few years, baby chicks are very new for us. I guess for some reason I was always scared to take care of the "wittle babies" but I finally determined to try it, so we ordered the Special Assortment from McMurray Hatchery, and my! have we ever been pleased.

Taking care of the babies have been so much fun and much easier than I expected. I am sharing some pictures below of their arrival and be sure to enter the Turkey Hollow Coffee Giveaway further down as well.

Here is hubby with the babies, the Post Office called and he went to town to get them, upon arrival I had to snatch a photo, what could be more attractive than a man holding Two chicks. Ditch the roses, give me the chickies. :)

Getting ready to open the lid and place them in the brooder, I was so nervous with excitement. I gave them a drink before I placed them in the brooder, hoping to prevent pasty butt. And I believe it worked as we only had a few with that.

Scoping out their temporary new home.

At one week old my oldest helped me do a photo shoot of the babies, we picked three of our favorites. 

She very hurriedly placed them down and ran out of the way while I snapped away, the photo right after this one had an addition of poop in the pic, I'll spare you that one. :)

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks with our babies so I am hoping to get an updated photo to share with you, so you can watch their growth.

Now for our Giveaway.

I love Coffee, I can't say that I'm an addict, I typically only have 1 cup a day, some days I don't have any, and if it's been rather challenging I'll have two. But I have never had better coffee until I tasted Turkey Hollow. Now, you can't buy Turkey Hollow Coffee in the stores.........

In Southwest Missouri down a little dirt road you'll find a young Mennonite family living in Turkey Hollow, where the turkey roam, squirrels scamper, and peace ensues. There they home-roast Costa Rica coffee and sell it in a little Bulk Food Store. 

It's smooth.

Oh is it smooth.

It's a little highlight in my day.

And if I run out I just have to take a jot down to Turkey Hollow to buy more. But you my wonderful readers online cannot do so, so I decided this week to buy you a 12 oz. bag of ground Turkey Hollow Coffee, and one lucky reader will win it. 

And that makes me happy.

To share a cup of happiness

That brings me pure bliss.

You will love it.


  1. I like all coffee, as long as it isn't decaf or flavored. Antigua and Colombian are favorites of mine.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  2. I really like Green Mountain for my Keurig. They offer so many flavors!

  3. I was a barista at my small town local coffee shop and we got our coffee from a local to us roaster in a larger town. I especially love Costa Rica Tarrazu and Tanzania Peaberry!

  4. I am addicted to Amora coffee myself but would love to try this. :)

  5. I'm from New Orleans where 95% of us drink coffee & chicory. We have the Cafe' Du'mont Coffee which is the big favorite. I love the Community Coffee & Chicory the best. And very thick and strong.

  6. I'm new at drinking coffee, so far Eight O Clock Hazelnut or as my MIL told me get the strongest coffee & use less (get more for your $ that way). When I found a great sale, I went with Folgers (Black Silk) then I use way less and it goes farther :)