Monday, February 24, 2014

Heavy Duty Clothespins and a Heavy Duty Clothespin Bag to Match!

I was so elated when my Mama gave me an early birthday present. This gift excited me just as much as diamonds and flowers would excite some ladies. 

TWO BIG BAGS of...............................................Heavy Duty Clothespins.

These are so great because the ones I had been buying from Wal-Mart and Dollar General are so cheap and flimsy when you get strong winds they break and your clothes are gone. Those cheap ones are fine for crafts and stamping but definitely not able to withstand thick clothes and strong winds. 

Having such awesome clothespins I knew I needed something durable, easy to use, and protective to keep them in. While part of me wanted a pretty froo froo clothespin bag I knew I really needed to be practical here and this is what I chose.

The Top Gun clothespin bag which has a 3 year warranty.

This baby will hold up to 150 clothespins
It attaches to your line with two hooks and it cannot be blown away or bounced off, it easily slides down your line as you are hanging up laundry.
It has a Dupont Zepel finish which makes it water resistant.
And it is also mildew and ultra violet reistant.

This is one of my most favorite parts about it!!! Made in the U.S.A.

This bag is made with TOP GUN polyester which is some of the most strongest and durable polyester on the market today. 

This amazing clothespin bag is sold by Julie & Kevin and you can get your own on their website:

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