Monday, February 7, 2011

Meaningful Mondays

Here we are again, our 3rd week of Meaningful Mondays, I was so elated about all who joined last week and hope you will again!!!

How are you making your Monday Meaningful?

Starting a new project, painting your kitchen, cooking a new meal, reading a new book........share it with the inklinkz tool below and be sure to include a link back here. My button is on the right with the link under it!!! :)

This monday I am going to do school, and then do Flylady's Weekly 1 hour home blessing, I have a lot of housework today and her methods always gets me back on track!!!

I was given a page out of an antique book several years ago and wanted to share the poem on the page.

Mother's Last Look

They're asleep,
So I'll keep
Very still, and peep:
Not too bright,
Is for them tonight.

Makes them gay,
And they've had their play:
Sled and shout
Have, no doubt,
Tired them fairly out.

This poem really goes with our Saturday, we spent hours outside playing in the snow, building snow caterpillars and igloos!!!

Here is the igloo.

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