Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Blizzard

Before I share my blizzard pictures I would love to annouce that I am so elated to be a guest blogger over at Happily Domestic today. She has a wonderful new blog design....be sure to check it out!!!

My article here

I ventured out into the white fury.....

As I walked into the woods...

I spotted a red feathered friend...

As I approached him he flew away....so I stood still.

Not thinking of the fact that I wore a bright red head scarf.

He flew right back over to the tree in front of me.

Looking for a friend in the land of no one.

I bade him come closer....I sprinkled crushed corn all over the beautiful white snow. Ever since I've lived here I have tried to capture a photo of Mr. Cardinal...the thick falling snow made it ever so difficult to focus!!!

Here sits Mr. Cardinal in all his beauty........enjoying the treat I so gladly gave him.

I was about 15 feet away.

Good bye feathered friend....


  1. I love these pictures of the cardinal. When Larra was around three we had a couple of cardinals in our yard we fed. She named them Abraham and Sarah. Sweet memories I was reminded of when I saw your post. We have much snow also. The boys are out making money shoveling! I made chili in the crock pot and feel the need for lots of hot chocolate! I have to read your guest post later, Morgan just woke up! I am so proud of you!! with much love susan

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!!!!

  3. What BEAUTIFUL picture for your beautiful post! Love the red headscarf. I think you had him fooled there! :)