Sunday, March 28, 2010

Something borrowed, something blue

We went to a wedding yesterday and it was so lovely!  It had been a while since I had attended one and I had actually forgotten how much I love them!  When Steve and I married 8 years ago, I remember the loads of gifts that covered our tiny one bedroom basement apartment, seriously we could hardly walk anywhere!  But one gift stuck with me, it was simple but elegant and very thoughtful.

My friend Anne had taken a basket and filled it with some wine goblets, sparkling cider, and Milano cookies.  I just loved it, it was so simple but really great to come home too and enjoy a candlelit soak in the tub with the basket!

So I decided to mimic this gift.  You can make it to (very quick, I was pressed for time, so this helped) for around $25.  Much cheaper if you shop clearance!

*Trendy basket - $10
*Wine glasses - $5
*Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies - $3
*Sparking cider - $3
*White Tissue Paper - $1
*Wire sheer ribbon - $2

So I just stuffed the tissue paper in and nicely set the items in, then I took the sheer ribbon and laced it around everything, I did use scotch tape to tape it in places, it was super windy and I didn't want to chance it blowing away.  I also had a couple beeswax candles that I threw in. It was fun and all together took about 5 minutes.



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  2. What a thoughtful gift! And congratulations on being included in such a beautiful treasury! :)


  3. What fun! My friend is getting married in July {I'm the maid of honor}, but I haven't figured out what I should give her...this may be the perfect idea! Thanks! :)

    Thanks for stopping by The Sweetest Petunia - feel free to stop by any time.

  4. So glad I found your lovely!
    I love finding blogs that love The Lord and love making a home! Bless you.
    I'm following.


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