Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Goodness

Today is pretty rainy, but we have experience some wonderful spring-like weather this past week and I loved it!

I love all the things that come with spring, the new flowers, the first blessings of spring, tiny bits of life peeping out here and there, and the wonderful smells and the cool breezes.

While visiting my mother there were some sweet tiny lilac crocus' presenting themselves and I just had to photograph them.  I am offering them as notecards in my etsy store, but it is available as a print of any size as well!

One thing I like about this photo is the crocus directly under it looks like a mirrored image but it is not, and I love the tiny specks of pollen as well.

Mom has an old rusty red vintage bicycle leaning against one of her trees and it was beckoning to me to take a picture as well.  Those notecards found here

As a kick-off for our notecards within the next week we will be holding a give-away for six of our notecards! Stay tuned and enjoy a wonderful weekend!!!

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