Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Natural Lighting

As my desire to live off the grid one of the funnest ways to do so for me is non-electrical lighting.
Candles, oil lamps, lanterns, and the list goes on.  The types and varieties are endless and as I inspect them all my wish list grows longer.  But I try to make the wisest and most economical decisions in way of lighting.
I stumbled upon Lehman's BEST candles and may I say I was impressed.  As I have been watching many BBC episodes as of late I find myself watching and looking at the different candelabra's, candlesticks, wall sconces, and lanterns they used.

So one day while at the thrift store I spotted a pair of brass weighted candlesticks for 49 cents each!  I couldn't believe it, I have one pictured below.  Then one day as a surprise my honey brought me home a mirrored wall sconce to help reflect the light.

Lehman's Best candles can be found by clicking Here

The picture above was taken in my bathroom and I was very pleased how just one candle lit the room.

And here is the lovely wall sconce DH picked up at Surplus City for $9.  I have also been looking on ebay under antique wall sconces.  I much admire the tin wall sconces that are round and reflect light.  A wall lantern would be lovely and a double wick lantern!  I am not sure why but they all just fascinate me!!!


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  2. Oh, just realized that we both posted about candlelight today!


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