Saturday, September 5, 2009


Since we are new to the beginnings of homestead life something we had never done was camping. Growing up we camped out every summer but me and my honey have not yet. This weekend we had a wonderful "date" in our backyard. We set up a tent and camped out. We had a fire going and the next morning I cooked homemade fried egg sandwiches with homemade Amish bread (I will post the recipe soon). Steve made coffee in our new coffee pot w/percolator and it tasted wonderful. Steve milks a cow with our neighbor so we had "real" cream to put it in, I must say it was the most splendid cup of Joe I have ever had.
We had a delightful time and it got us thinking that we would like to start cooking on an open fire in our back yard. We are hoping to find some great Dutch Oven recipes to cook on a open fire, feel free to post links and recipes of your fav and if you like doing this post ideas, etc.

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