Friday, September 25, 2009

My Mother

Today's post is in response to Kelli's Blog and her Show & Tell Friday!
I am happy today to show and tell my mother, a picture of my mother that is.  This photograph was taken when she was 3 years old and I absolutely adore it. My Grandmother gave me this frame when I was a teenage (my Father's mother) and I thought it was perfect for this picture. Means a lot to me! My Mom is my best friend!


  1. It is a wonderful picture. You are very blessed to have that special closeness to your mother. My mama has been gone for 21 years and I still miss her every day.


  2. Iris,
    Thank you very much for your comment and kind words, I am very sorry to hear that you no longer have your mother, please accept my sympathies.

  3. Marie, I did not know how much Emma looks like me. I have all ways like that pic of me. Glad that it means alot to you. Love Mom

  4. Lovely! I love old family portraits. Our house is adjoined to my Mother's and we are best friends too. How special.


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