Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Period Clothing Patterns

Portrait of a Woman (Oil on Canvas)

I was thrilled tonite when I stumbled upon a site with free period clothing patterns and diagrams.
There I found free patterns for civil war era, victorian, edwardian, gentlemen and children.

Untitled, 1898 (Oil on Canvas)

Although I myself am not a very good seamstress I thought I would pass this along to my blogging friends, feel free to post other free sites that you know of along these lines!

The site may be visited by clicking here

Other Period Patterns:

Article Featuring Costumes, Patterns, and More


  1. What a fantastic site! Thanks for this link.

  2. Vivi, at the end of the paragraph, it says, The site may be visited by clicking here: Just click on the word here. :)