Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Natural Medicine Cabinet ~ Mountain Meadow Herbs

It has been a very rough winter with flu and sickness for us. Our family enjoys a real food diet, we purchase eggs,milk, and meat from our nearby dairy/farmer and I make all of our meals from scratch, with the occasional dinner out.

We have had the flu on and off for four weeks and our immune systems really needs a boost. We drink lots of herbal teas from the Bulk Herb Store. And they really help, but I truly felt our bodies needed a BIG boost. Herbal tinctures can provide that because they are a strong condensed form of the herb. 

I had been eyeing Mountain Meadow Herbs for a while and decided to place an order for some Immune Boosting Tinctures. Here is what I purchased:

This package was a great deal because it combined three of the bottles I needed at a lower price, it included Winter Immune-Booster, Infant Immune Booster, and Herbal Respiratory. It was important to me to have the Infant Immune booster for the baby and since I am nursing I would need to take the Infant Immune Booster instead of the basic Winter Booster. My hubby and older children can take the Winter Immune Booster. I really liked the fact that I can take something to boost MY immune system with no dangers to the baby while nursing. Sometimes us nursing Moms can be limited with what we can take.

This is another wonderful natural immune booster and I threw it in my order for good measure. Those times when the sickness seems to really have us down I wanted something extra.

Again as a nursing Mom it is so important that I get enough calcium but over the counter calcium seems to never work and does not really absorb into your system. This liquid calcium is derrived from herbs and plants, one of the best ways to get calcium for our bodies. This is now a part of my daily regimen. 

Every Wednesday Mountain Meadow Herbs runs a special bargain, this is a great time to try out some of their Herbal Extracts.

They are also offering a free 1 oz. bottle of Liquid Calcium with their special code posted on the main page of their site. This is an amazing deal!!

If you have ever considered trying Herbal Extracts I highly recommend Mountain Meadow Herbs. They are not limited to Immune boosting extracts they offer extracts for many ailments and illnesses, they specialize in herbs for men and womens health, pregnant Mommies and children.

What do you use to boost your immune system?

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