Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meaningful Mondays #10

Above is our two kittens cuddling by the back door.

It's been a great summer so far and I'm so excited to get back to blogging again.  It was a pretty rough pregnancy with baby Jane and I was out of the blogging world for quite awhile. It's good to be back.

I'm excited to start the Meaningful Mondays back up again.  This is your chance to link up and share with us what new things are going on in your world. You can find the inlinkz below and our wonderful Meaningful Mondays button and code on the right. This makes it super easy to add our link to your post.  After you link up please be sure to add our button or a link back here!

For my Meaningful Monday I'm going to add a few new photos from our cottage.

Freshly shucked corn for supper.

I couldn't remember how long to boil my corn so I visited Tammy's Recipes to see how to do it. In the past I had used our microwave but I try not to use it anymore.

This kitty showed up and our Mama cat gladly took it in, she's bigger than Cinderella's kittens but she seems to fit in just fine.

One of our 'girls' making the nightly round by the house. We heard some strange loud noises the other night and looked over at our van and she was eating dead bugs off the bumper of the van, that had been plastered on there from driving. Guess it's a good way to get your vehicle "de-bugged!"

Right now I am reading this lovely book, 'Tiny Homes'. A lady at church loaned it to me and I am delving and loving each page. I think it would be so neat to build our own cabin!


  1. Your kitten picture reminds me of the way my 2 kittens played with each other when they were little.

    I shared my Kiwi Jam recipe. I'm putting your link-up on Pinterest. I'm assuming it's a weekly thing. Maybe it will draw some attention for you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Harvest Lane Cottage!


    1. Laura, thanks so much for linking up! That is sweet of you to put it on Pinterest too! Yes hopefully have it up every Monday.

  2. Well I made my weekly Monday trip to day to pay my sweeties bill. And I fixed cheeseburgers for the men for lunch I am out numbered at my house. All Marks workers. I am always trying to think of some thing good to fix for them to eat.

    1. Hmmmm cheeseburgers sound soooo good!


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