Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's talk Cloth Diapers

I have had several ladies ask me what I use for cloth diapers, how I wash them, etc. So I am going to write a   post about what I use and like, I will provide links in case you want to purchase them as well.

I spent around $150 on cloth diapers and bought a few different varieties to see what I liked best. I was also given some.

I invested in the Econobum pkg.  And after using it for a while I decided I really liked the Econobum Individual - One Size covers but the prefolds, not so much. I did love how thick the prefolds are and absorbent but they are so thick you cannot use a snappi with them. You have to tri-fold them and slip them in the cover.  When I did this the poop leaked out the edge.

So here's what I like. Take a basic Gerber prefold diaper Gerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White or other prefold brand and put a doubler in it. I found a good deal on doublers on Zulilly but if you can't find any you can use Gerber Birdseye 10 Count Flatfold Cloth Diapers, White.  These are the very large thin square diapers. I just take one of these and fold it into the shape of a doubler, put this down the center of the prefold, use my handy snappi Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners - Pack of 3 (Mint color mix)
and wrap it in the Econobum wrap. Very simple inexpensive system that you can gradually build up as you can afford to.

Just for fun I also purchased some bumGenius One-Size Snap Closure Cloth Diaper 4.0 - Sweet
 to see if I liked them and for the convenience. I do LOVE them but my budget doesn't allow me to have these exclusively. I save these for church days because they are so quick and easy.

I also invested in the Bummis Newborn Pack.  I was hesitant to do so but my babies are usually pretty small and I figured they would be in these for a few weeks. Having a cloth diaper that would really fit them was important to me. And I LOVED the Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds Diaper, 4-9 Pounds!  The great thing about these is once baby outgrows them they make perfect doublers in your larger prefolds or even in your bumGenius diapers.

Also if you can't afford a wetbag don't stress. Lots of times I just throw a Wal-mart plastic bag into my diaper bag and put the wet ones in that. I know it's nothing fancy but if you are wanting to cloth diaper on a tight tight budget it can be done!

Joining places like Swagbucks and Inbox dollars can also really help. I do simple tasks on these sites and then redeem my points for Amazon Gift Cards to purchase cloth diapers or accessories.  I have probably earned over 10 $5 Amazon cards on swagbucks in the last 6 months.

So how do you wash em?

This is what I do, and I know everyone has their own system but I am often asked how I wash them so here's my system.

Go to the automobile section at Dollar General and buy a $2 bucket.  If you look for a bucket in the bathroom section its double the price.  Keep the bucket nearby your changing station and when you have a wet or newborn poopy throw it in the dry bucket.  You do not need to rinse the poopy's until baby starts eating solids.

At the end of the day I throw these in the washing machine and do a rinse cycle.  When that's finished I do a warm or cold wash with a scoop of Charlie's Soap Powder - 2.64 lb  (80 Loads)
 (my favorite) or my homemade laundry detergent. After that I do one more rinse.  Then these dipes go straight on the line outside to sun bleach any stains. On rainy days I dry them on my handy dandy drying rack.  Household Essentials Folding Clothes Drying Rack, Bamboo

Once you get a system going it's pretty simple and just becomes part of everyday.  I hope this was helpful if you  have any cloth diapering tips on a budget feel free to comment below. :)

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