Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#3 ~ Ways to Make Money at Home

Swagbucks is another way I earn online. I have for sure made a couple hundred with them. You can get cash if you want with Swagbucks (via PayPal) but the best deal is the $5 Amazon gift cards for 450 swagbucks.

I then use these Amazon gift cards to buy medicine for my family, grocery items that are super cheap using the Subscribe and Save, or Christmas gifts for my children and friends. Those Amazon gift cards have ALWAYS come in handy.

I don't spend a lot of time on Swagbucks, now you certainly could if you wanted to. Here's how I do it, I simply use their search engine every day to earn anywhere from 6-30 swagbucks, I take the daily poll (takes a second and can be fun), and if you have time you can even earn bucks playing games.

If you make online purchases you can do so through Swagbucks as well and earn bucks back from purchases you are already making.

You are not limited to earning Amazon gift cards, there are plenty of gift cards to choose from. You can even cash in for PayPal cards, so there are plenty of options.

Hope you have enjoyed day #3 on ways to earn income at home, join us tomorrow for another fun idea to bring in income for your family.

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