Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#2 ~ Ways to Make Money at Home

The second way to make money at home is opening up an online Jewelry Boutique. This is 100% free to do and the company is called Kitsy Lane. You can find the link to sign up by clicking here.

It really is fun and hassle-free because Kitsy Lane runs the website, fulfills all orders, and even sends out newsletters to your customers on your behalf.

You can customize your store with your profile pic, and custom pick the jewelry that you want to offer. The awesome part is you make 25% on all orders. You even earn that on purchases you make for yourself as well.

Maybe you're thinking "What kind of jewelry is it??" "Will I like it?" I'm going to post some of my favorite Kitsy Lane pieces below and provide a link to my store so you can see how I designed it. I named my store Aibreann, which is pronounced Ab-rawn, it's one of my favorite Irish girl names. :) 

Aspen Silvery
by Debra Shephard

Christian Ring
by Tiger Mountain

Bianca Ring
by KL Collection

Kimberly Earrings
by Isette

(These Kimberly earrings are my absolute favs!!)

There are SOOO many other lovely pieces but you can peruse my Aibreann Boutique Store to see them all.

They have a new flash sale every week and you can even hand select which items you would like to go in your flash sale.

Another exciting feature they offer is Pinterest buttons, so you can easily pin your favorite pieces which will link back to your own store. Promoting is definitely made easy with Kitsy Lane.

You can also link the store to your Facebook and Twitter so you can really reach a broad range of customers.

Have fun and let me know if you open up your own Kitsy Lane store!!!

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