Friday, August 30, 2013

Trim Healthy Breakfast

Well I'm smiling over here with 31 lbs. lost so far with Trim Healthy Mama and I thought I'd share my breakfast this morning.

I love having a couple of eggs in a Low Carb Mama Lupe wrap with some salsa, but my Wal-Mart quit carrying them. To improvise this morning I made Homemade Gluten-free Low Carb wraps from this Blog (Sheri Graham). While they may not take the place of Mama Lupe's they were still very yummo with cheesy eggs, turkey bacon, and salsa.

I like to bake my bacon, hey that's fun to say. Bake my bacon.....okay moving right along. I bake it at 350 for 14 minutes. I think the trick to yummolicious turkey bacon is to cook it until it's VERY crispy, tastes more like real bacon. My brother says it tastes like Dog treats......(Hmmm, how would he know?) anyways I beg to differ.

When I scramble my eggs I add 1 slice of cheddar cheese torn in bits while they are cooking, and lots of pepper!!

Yes that is a bulletproof coffee above! On the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group I saw Pearl mention if you have a Heavy S breakfast keep the butter and coconut oil to 1 tsp. per cup of coffee. 

Hope your day is fab!!!


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