Friday, August 9, 2013

On my way to becoming a Trim Healthy Mama

Or as my husband likes to call it "Trim Hot Mama"

I am so excited about my new lifestyle I could just skip through the living room, oh yeah I've been doing that. :) That burns calories, which means I'll lose even more weight, it's a win-win situation.

I ate so good on my pregnancy with my 4th child, lots of protein and good foods and I had very minimal weight gain, after I had her I went back down to my then pre-pregnancy weight. Where I was still in a size 18.

I let all those bad foods back into my life and crept back up to a little over the 200 lb mark and I was not so thrilled with myself. I made 5-6 attempts to lose the weight trying the 30 day shred, cutting back, walking more.......none of it lasted over a week.

I had noticed when the Trim Healthy Mama book came out several months ago but I just did not have the funds at the time, knowing what I know now, I should have made it happen then. Talk about a life-changer.

When it came up in my facebook newsfeed again I read Gwen's testimony and after I read her testimony I couldn't buy the book fast enough. You can find the book here: Trim Healthy Mama. Trust me it's worth EVERY penny!!!

I devoured that book for an entire day, kept notes in a journal, made out a food list, got the groceries that night and started the next day on July 6th. NO. TURNING. BACK.....EVER. I say that because of the way I feel, I feel awesome. After just a few weeks of being on "the plan" my 7 year old niece looked at me said, "Aunt Phallin, you look  younger". This 31 year old will take that!!!

The way I felt before was like I lived in a fog, tired, fatigued and miserable about how I looked. While I still have 30-40 lbs. to lose I'm pretty excited about the size 14 that I'm sporting.

These kind of pictures are always so humiliating, but they truly show the progress. The second picture was just a week of being on the Trim Healthy Mama plan and I was amazed at the swelling that had went down in my neck and face. The science of this eating plan will transform your life, truly. 

I haven't been in a size 14 for a few years so I am super thrilled about that. I haven't been in a size 10 since my wedding day and I'm tellin' ya that size is right around the corner! YEE-HAW! 

Can I get an Amen? :)

If your like me and you've made several attempts to lose weight with  no luck you owe it to yourself to see what's so amazing within the pages of  Trim Healthy Mama. 

So far I have two friends that have started and both have only been at it for a week to two weeks and together have lost around 17 lbs. WOW!

Oh yes let me just mention some of the added benefits I've been experiencing on this eating plan. Some of those benefits include, amazing almost baby-soft skin, like WOW!, more energy, hair and nails that are growing at an incredible rate of speed,  and a hubby that can't keep his eyes off of me (I'll take that)!

If you buy the book and decide to get started I've included some products below that I use faithfully on this eating plan and wouldn't want to go without.

This stuff thickens food and helps you feel full!

Wonderful basic protein powder without all that extra nasty stuff inlcuded.

I love xylitol because there is no after-taste like there is with stevia.

There are some amazing muffin recipes in the book that use this flax seed meal. So yummy!!!


  1. I am starting on Monday and am planning on taking front and side shots, but I'm also considering doing a weekly headshot to see the difference in my face and hair. Hopefully I won't regret that ;-). Thanks for being transparent and sharing your story!

  2. love this post! been on thm 7 weeks and love the difference in how i feel as well as look! thank you for sharing your journey thus far... and my hubby calls it the same thing. lol