Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simplicity Saturdays (LINK UP) #5

Hello, it's that time again, Simplicity Saturday.

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Ahhhh! I believe today is going to be a wonderful day. My spinach arrived from Baker creek Heirloom seeds, so today I'm gonna do some diggin' and some plantin'. But...... first things first.  The sun is shining and it's a simply marvelous day so I'm going to open up the windows here in the cottage and clean away before I get to have fun in the dirt.

On the note of simplicity I would love to mention an amazing book that we discovered this week, it's called Compact Cabins, you may have seen my link on the right already or you know about it.

My dream: to purchase a piece of land and build one of these compact cabins, there are so many ideas and possibilities in this book.  And I was thinking about larger families using compact living, possibly you can put two designs together to double your space. Now when you look at this book you'll think oh my thats small! The smallest cabin design in the book is 162 square feet. Can you imagine? Well, as the purpose of the book is mainly for get-a-way cabins, lake houses, or camps....however I think you could still apply it to homestead living as each design is either composed to be off grid or adaptable to such!

It even has designs to make a "cabin" from a shipping container and in one part puts them together to "double" your space.  Unique ideas on storage, sleeping, and storage closets for your solar batteries or camping gear.

I found the design that would best work for my family on page 88 it features the Clerestory windows (which I fell in love with) and the other reason I fell in love with it as unlike most of the designs it actually had 2 separate bedrooms. Most of the cabins have open floor plans so eating/sleeping/living is all in one room. 

It also mentions front porches could later be closed in for more additional space. Start small and build up as you can afford it.  Great ideas, wonderful book, fun read! I completely enjoyed it, and I don't even own it yet, a customer of ours discovered our similar interests and let us borrow it. Definitely on the list of books to buy!!! :)


  1. It's a PERFECT day here, too! I need to get outside and prune the raspberries. Something about spring weather after a cold winter's rest that makes going out into the dirt the most desirable thing, doesn't it?! Have a great Saturday and thanks of hosting this link up.

  2. You guys make me a bit envious.... we still have plenty of snow...especially on the shaded sides and behind the trees....sigh..

    Small is a point. Personally I still think I'd be making some effort to keep my kitchen separate from my sleeping the very least.... lol.......

  3. Its been a lovely day here too!!! 70 degrees! I love this idea!!! I will be posting an article and linking up with you next weekend! What fun!

    I'm not planting just yet...will start in April due to freezing forecast coming soon. But sure can't wait! :D

    I love this cabin idea!!! How wonderful! I have always wanted something like that! Must be the Laura Engels Wilder in me! :D

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy