Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pallet Chalkbard Sign - Frugal Decorations for Fall #2

A few days ago I decided it was time to give the mantel a Thanksgiving makeover. In fact since we had moved in the new house it has not been properly attended to. As I was unpacking I would stick something up there wondering if maybe it would work, when one day I looked up at my mantel and realized what a hodge podge array was staring back at me. Mercy! 

A fall Thanksgiving makeover was definitely a good reason to change the present state of my mantel. Once I got the ends situated I realized I had a HUGE hole in the middle and nothing to place there, a mirror would be nice but I don't own one. That's when I headed outside to look at my pallet pile. I selected four pallet boards and placed shorter boards behind them on each end and nailed them together....this is rustic decorating right, so it's okay that some of my nails only went halfway in and then had to be nailed over. 

Rustic, rustic, rustic! :)

That day I was Thankful for Thanksgiving in the most literal sense because it was that day that I made a terrifying discovery. Realizing I needed a larger hammer one of my daughters ran into the addition we are tearing down on one end of the house. It was then that she heard water 


I hurriedly called my hubby, who works nearby, and asked him to rush home. Then I got my wits about me, threw on my welders gloves and ran out to the water source by the road and quickly turned the water off. 

I was proud of myself.

The pipes had frozen in the addition and we're pretty sure that water had been spewing for 24 hours, let's just say I'm dreading that water bill come mid December!

Had I not been making a sign for Thanksgiving we would not have went into the addition that day and made the discovery!!

Right then and there I decided to give thanks for everything.....as mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

I was thankful for the water spewing.
I was thankful for the blowout poopy diaper our youngest gave us...AFTER we turned the water off (I use cloth wipes and need water for them).
I was thankful for our van that was overheating on the way to town to get the cap to fix the leak.
I was thankful for our van that was low on oil and needed an oil change.
I was thankful for the older man that crossed lanes on the bridge and sent us onto the side of the road, praise the Lord he didn't hit us.

And not surprisingly when I got home that night (All 6 of us safe and sound, alive, and breathing) I grabbed the sign I had nailed together out of pallets, brushed with chalkboard paint and wrote a message on it.......


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