Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pioneer Week

I am hoping to do a  pioneer week with my girls soon, I do not have everything planned out as of yet, but so far I want to do our laundry outside with the washboard (I have actually done this before for three months straight when I sold my washing machine), bathe in a wash tub, cook outside on an open fire, and use our oil lamps.

I will turn off the computer for the week as well and I plan on logging and taking pictures of it all to share.

Each day I hope to do some new project with the girls like making candles, making a willow branch broom, or a new pioneer type recipe.

If anyone has any websites, books, or ideas for our "pioneer week" we would love it!

Here are some books we recently checked out

I really like the "Inside Laura's House Book" and would love to have that one in my own private collection!

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