Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Calico Critters

If you are searching for a sweet and unique pretend play toy for your little girl you have got to check out Calico Critters. Each family is a different animal like squirrels, cats, cows, etc. And each has their own personality and interests.

To view  Calico Critters Furbanks Squirrel Family click here: Calico Critters Furbanks Squirrel Family
The Furbanks family enjoys acting and directing.

To view the Calico Critters Hopsotch Rabbit Family click here:  Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Family

If you find some critters that you just can't live without check out these cute homes for them.

To check the adorable Calico Critters Oakwood Home click here:  Calico Critters Oakwood Home

If you want to go all out be sure to look at the Cloverleaf Manor. It boasts 9 rooms and 3 stories. It even has a chandelier that lights up.

To view the Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor click here: Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor

There is also some sweet little furniture pieces to display in the Critters home that I will be sharing soon.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Green Crooked Cottage

I love toys for kids that encourage them to be a part of the outdoors. The Green Crooked Cottage is an adorable play house for kids. It is suitable for children ages 3 and up and can fit two to three munchkins at a time.

They will be spending hours in their Green Crooked Cottage. I also love the fact that it is made out of solid wood construction.

My parents have an outdoor play house for our children and they absolutely love it. When their cousins come over they play all sorts of imaginary games in their little house.

To view the Green Crooked Cottage click here: Green Crooked Cottage

Perhaps green is not for you be sure to check out the Pink Crooked Cottage

To view the Pink Crooked Cottage click here: Pink Crooked Cottage

I love how the design of the Pink Crooked Cottage looks just like a little cottage straight from a fairy tale.
Let the fun begin.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

HugglePod Hanging Chair

If you are looking for a super cute, super fun, and simply useful gift for your children you have got to take a look at the HugglePod Hanging Chair.

The one pictured below is awesome because it is a canvas indoor/ourdoor hugglepod. Not only can you hang this indoors as a great little nook to read you can hang it outdoors as well for lots of exciting times on a lovely spring day.

To view the HugglePodTM Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Hanging Chair in Pink click here: 

HugglePodTM Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Hanging Chair, in Pink

But maybe your not realy keen on pink. Good News! The HugglePod Hanging chair comes in an awesome red with blue trim as well.

To view the HugglePod Hanging chair in red click here:  HugglePodTM Indoor/Outdoor Canvas Hanging Chair, in Red

  • I love the fact that these are machine washable. 
  • They are perfect for ages 4 and up and they can hold up to 175 lbs. 
  • Once you get one of these HugglePod Hanging chairs the fun will have just begun.

Want something a bit fancier? Check out the Hugglepod Hangout with LED lights. To view the Hugglepod Hangout click here: 

Nylon Canvas HugglePodTMHangOut with LED Lights